We have partnered with the mobile operator Three to deliver their Reconnected initiative, designed to help you get online in a way that is cost-effective and that supports learning. If you are at least 16 years of age, a Cottsway resident and you do not have access to a Smart Phone because of financial reasons, or because you do not feel confident with using one; then you may be eligible to receive:

  • A refurbished smart phone handset for free.
  • A matching charger with a plug adapter included.
  • A SIM card with 90 days free trial access to 3000 texts, 3000 minutes and 12GB of internet data per month with the Three network.

After the 90 days are up, you can keep the phone and you will be free to choose a plan and network that suits your needs and budget. If you do not feel very confident in using a smart phone then do not worry! We will help you make the most out of your device and we can offer support and advice throughout the 90 day trial. There are many ways you can benefit from owning a smart phone, such as:

  • Search for jobs and opportunities online, build your CV and employability skills.
  • Keep up with your favourite hobbies and try out new things.
  • Connect with friends and family or join online communities.
  • Use online services to save time and find out what’s happening in your community.

The only thing we ask for in return is your feedback during the first 90 days. You will be asked to carry out a few short surveys by Cottsway and Three, which will count towards an overall case study at the end of your trial period. This is so that Cottsway and Three can measure the success, as well as the social value of the project. No personal data will be shared without your consent.

If you are interested then please email us at or call us on 01993 890 000 for more information. You can also find some FAQ’s below:

You will not be charged extra but your service will stop and you will not be able to use texts, minutes and data until they repopulate next month. However if you have access to Wifi, you can still use that.

We will provide you with a ‘top-up’ card which will allow you to purchase extra services from Three if you run out and cannot wait until the next month.

If the phone is damaged, lost or stolen then you will have to source a new handset in order to take advantage of the 90 days access to free minutes, texts and data. We advise that you contact the Police in the event that the handset is stolen.

If the Phone develops a fault then you will need to contact Three in the first instance and they will repair or replace the handset.

Cottsway is not obligated to provide repairs or replacements so please take good care of your phone!

Yes you can. However you will be responsible for all content downloaded or saved on to the phone, as well as any purchases made in relation to the handset or its content.

This includes accessories, apps and online shopping.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that you will have signal where you live, so we strongly suggest that you check it out before choosing to participate.

You contact the network or search your post code through the Three website